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Hi! I'm Ashley

I am a lot of things, and yet I often have no idea how to describe my life. I create. I create words, art pieces, stories, sacred spaces, teaching moments and analogies. .Most mostly, I create with my Creator. Im a mama of three darling wonders, Abigael, Nate and Esther- the youngest of our bunch giving us the gift of Down Syndrome. I pioneer with my husband Taylor as we follow Jesus in (sometimes) very out of the box ways. In 2017God called us to start Wildfire Network that helps equip people to do what God has made them to do. Several years ago the Holy Spirit helped us begin a ministry called Created where we help people connect to the heart fo God through the creative arts. I am an artist, author, and speaker and would love to connect with you and your group or community. 

So what does a passionate pioneer do when she feels as though she might explode with ideas, prayers, visions, and Jesus moments? She writes a blog to share with you just a little piece of her heart. To remind you that you are, with all your unique abilities, qualities and stories, purposefully created for such a time as this. 

You can find out more about Wildfire and Created here:


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