Hi! I'm Ashley

I am a lot of things, and yet I often have no idea how to describe my life. I create. I create words, art pieces, stories, sacred spaces, teaching moments and analogies. .Most mostly, I create with my Creator. Im a mama of three darling wonders, Abigael, Nate and Esther- the youngest of our bunch giving us the gift of Down syndrome. I pioneer with my husband Taylor as we follow Jesus in (sometimes) very out of the box ways. Several years ago the Holy Spirit helped us begin a ministry called Created where we help people connect to the heart fo God through the creative arts. Last year I wrote a book about our journey called "Creating with the Creator". 

So what does a passionate pioneer do when she feels as though she might explode with ideas, prayers, visions, and Jesus moments? She writes a blog to share with you just a little piece of her heart. To remind you that you are, with all your unique abilities, qualities and stories, purposefully created for such. time as this. 



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