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From the Soil of a Non-Gardener

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

I killed a cactus. No really. And a succulent, and an aloe plant, and every other possible form of growing

Well back in January I got a little joyful nudge from Jesus when I was at a conference. “Plant a garden.” Obviously assuming this was a spiritual analogy I moved on. But do you know when that gut punch comes and you’re like, “wait.. no. really God?” I had long since given up trying to keep things alive, much less grow them from seeds. So I did what any good Jesus follower would do. I delayed for about 3 months until He wouldn’t leave me alone. (Or my husband). I knew Taylor could make it happen and yet I knew deep down that God wanted me to go through this process of planting.  The Lord seems to enjoy working miracles in the unlikely places to show us He’s the one working. I have announcement to make. drumroll necessary. There are green little things coming up out of the dirt in the places I put seeds and watered them. There are lessons a mile long.

I had absolutely zero faith in my own abilities to create a garden that produces anything but weeds. Sure, my hands are physically able but I just really stink at making it happen.  I had faith that I could physically plant seeds, and even that I could (try to) feed them. But the true test of faith God was asking me to believe is that HE could make them grow. Each seed has a name, a heart. God knows which ones will spring up in response to His truth but someone has to plant them. Someone has to disciple (feed) them. And the coolest thing about healthy plants? They produce more seeds just waiting to be planted.

I’ve battled my own insecurities on my knees- down in the dirt and by the side of my bed. Who am I to make disciples Lord? Who am I to teach, train, tell, go?

I AM. He replies.

The book of Hebrews is scattered with the words, “By faith” perhaps to reminds us that the Spirit of God is tugging at us- not to build an empire or massive system or movement or even to change to world. But by faith we obey that nudge so that he can grow a harvest of hearts desperately longing to see the light of the Sun.

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