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Can Joy and Sorrow Dance?

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Can I be in pain, yet laugh?

My joy betrays my sorrow.

Can I feel like singing, yet weep?

My sorrow betrays my joy.

And so,

To pacify them both

I choose a side to stand.

I cling to joy and close my eyes

I sing and laugh and smile.

I shut out the things too hard to feel

And steal away a while.

The pain, the fear are silenced here-

Their presence shoved inside.

“I choose joy!”

I’ve picked a side.

But my sorrow lingers…

It longs to find its voice.

“I have no home!” its long lament-

“You said you’ve made your choice.”

It weeps within, bottled up for never.

I told it to shut up.

Where should my tears go?

When shall my pain speak?

Joy has no need of it.

Perhaps, I should not have chosen a side.

Could they meet?

Could they talk?

Could they cry and laugh together?


Dance together.

Joy can learn a mournful dirge.

Sorrow can learn a jig.

One step. Two. Dance together.

When joy and sorrow dance-

I can celebrate good leadership, while I call out what’s not right.

I can weep for dark injustice, while I cheer for truth and light.

I can mourn for the dark inside of me while I rejoice at the grace I’m given.

I can cling to hope and hope for peace

While I see the lack this side of Heaven.

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