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When Fear gets a beatdown…

Her nails dug into my forearm. Her bright blue eyes carried a pool of pent up fear on the brink of spilling over. One might think she was being torn from her family to live with monsters. The metal gate in front of us barely kept us at arms length from her enemy. I gently grabbed her shoulders and turned her around to face me square on. I spoke from the Holy Spirit that bubbled up inside of me.

“You can be scared. You don’t have to get rid of your fear. But it’s time to tell fear it doesn’t own you anymore.”

At this she mustered up what little courage she felt and replied, “Ok. let’s do this. But hold my hand and please don’t let go of me.”

She trusted me, us, that we wouldn’t let her walk into something that would hurt her, but we were willing to let her be afraid. What an important step this is in building faith. It reminds me of how many times the Lord does the same thing with our grown up hearts. He doesn’t want us to be trapped, tied and chained by our fears and anxiety because He knows that it will keep us from walking in joy.

For a little background, two months ago our family made a trip to Six Flags for a family adventure day. Nate used his glorious head of big hair to his advantage a

Friends. What is your Rattler? Step up to the gate, just take one step of faith and wait for the ride of your life- windblown and glorious.

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